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Solar System Installations

Over 3,500 installations

Take advantage of our sunny conditions in North East Victoria along with the Victorian Government’s solar rebate and get free electricity from the sun. 

Shannon Fraser Solar & Electrical is a Clean Energy Council accredited installer and approved retailer of solar systems. 

Solar Installation Services

Shannon Fraser Solar & Electrical install and maintain solar systems. 

We provide a free onsite assessment for every quote we do. We assess your electricity bills, roof space and surrounding conditions to design a system customized to suit your needs and budget.

We install and maintain solar batteries.

We arrange connection of your system to the grid.

We are a Clean Energy Council accredited solar installer and approved solar retailer.

When you buy solar from a CEC approved solar retailer you can be assured that you are buying a quality product from a company that follows all relevant consumer protection laws and is prepared to back the operation of your solar system for at least five years.

Accredited Installer and Approved Retailer of Solar Systems

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Shannon Fraser Solar & Electrical voluntarily signed up to become a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer. This means our standards are higher than the minimum required government standards, and that:

  • we have gone through a rigorous process to become an approved solar retailer
  • you receive a minimum five year warranty on your solar system, including panels, inverter and battery if you buy one 
  • you receive detailed information on the solar installation and connection to the electrical grid
  • we will respect your rights when it comes to cooling off periods and the issuing of refunds if changes are made to your system that are not approved in writing. 
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Shannon Fraser Solar & Electrical are a Clean Energy Council accredited installer. 

Clean Energy Council accredited installers are certified and trained to ensure your system meets industry best practice standards and all relevant Australian standards.

It ensures customers are eligible for government incentives such as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

Benefits of Solar Power

Apart from saving money on your electricity bills, installing a solar system has many benefits, such as:

  • making money by selling excess power to the grid
  • adding to the value of your property and making it more desirable to buyers if you decide to sell
  • for a business it can be good public relations
  • reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

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Do your research!

Before you commit to installing a solar system, we can advise you on what solar system is suitable for you and on other aspects of installing solar, such as: 

  • whether your system should be connected to the electricity grid, include a battery or be a stand-alone system
  • the wattage the panels will need to generate to satisfy your needs
  • the government incentives available to you 
  • the feed in tariff for solar electricity in your state. In Victoria there is a minimum government rate.
  • you will need to find out how solar friendly your current retail electricity supplier is 
  • the Clean Energy Council has published a handy guide for those considering installing a solar system. 

Our Solar Systems

A solar system includes panels and an inverter. We have the expertise to install systems ranging from a 5kw roof mounted system to a complex 300kw system. A typical home uses 20kwh per day, which equates to a 5kw system.

One of our preferred systems is SolarEdge, which is designed for roofs with multiple surfaces or that are partially shaded during the day. With SolarEdge, each panel has an electronic chip called a power optimiser. Power optimisers maximise the output from each separate panel. If one panel is underperforming, due to the angle of the sun or a shadow from a tree, it does not affect the output of the other panels in its string.

Grid Connected Solar Power

A grid connected solar power system is a series of roof mounted solar panels and an inverter connected to the electricity distribution network through the switchboard. Any power you do not use automatically feeds back into the network. This unused power is shown as a feed-in tariff credit on your electricity bill.

Off-Grid Solar Power

Off-grid solar power systems are referred to as stand-alone systems and are a combination of power sources that operate independently from the power electricity distribution network. They are designed to power a multitude of applications from homes, sheds, water pumps, even entire remote communities. They can incorporate the use of generators coupled to a storage source (battery bank).

Solar Panels

Shannon Fraser has installed thousands of solar systems (see below for some images of our installations). Solar panel size and wattage vary.  The amount of panels installed on the roof will vary from customer to customer depending on the overall system size chosen. Our preferred brands of solar panels are LG and Jinko. 

Jinko Solar logo
LG solar panels logo

Some of Our Solar Panel Installations

Solar Batteries

A complete solar system includes panels, inverter and batteries.

A solar battery stores excess power from your panels to use at night and during the day when there is heavy cloud cover.

A large battery can enable you to go completely off-grid, so no more power bills.

Generally, you save more money if you store excess solar power in a battery rather than selling it back into the electricity grid.

Our preferred battery maker is Tesla and we also use LG Chem.  

tesla solar battery

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters convert the direct current (DC) power that solar panels create to an alternating current (AC) power to be used in homes and businesses or fed directly into the grid.

We will install the right size inverter for your system. 

Our inverters are Clean Energy Council approved, so they meet Australian standards. 

Our three main inverters are Fronius, Solar Edge and Sungrow.

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